The importance of being GDP-compliant in pharmaceutical transport

The importance of being GDP-compliant in pharmaceutical transport

27th November 2023

To preserve the integrity of pharmaceutical items and ensure their safe and efficient distribution, companies in the logistics sector must be GDP-compliant. 

The term ‘GDP,’ which stands for ‘Good Distribution Practice,’ has become an internationally recognised standard in the pharmaceutical sector. 

It is a legal obligation that all companies that handle pharmaceutical products must follow. Failure to comply with these standards may lead to fines from the regulatory authorities, recalls of products, and harm to the supplier’s reputation. 

What is GDP?

GDP specifies the basic requirements that a wholesale distributor must fulfil to guarantee the quality and integrity of medicines are maintained throughout the supply chain. 

It applies to the sourcing, storage, and transportation of active pharmaceutical substances and other ingredients necessary for the production of pharmaceuticals. Logistics companies that transport pharmaceuticals must adhere to strict regulations to guarantee that the goods are not altered in transit.

How do logistics companies ensure they are GDP-compliant?

The list below outlines the guidelines that logistics companies must follow in order to comply with GDP standards:

  • Pharmaceutical products in the supply chain must be authorised under current UK and EU legislation
  • Pharmaceutical products must be stored in the correct temperature conditions at all times, including during transportation 
  • The potential contamination of the product by or of other products must be avoided 
  • A sufficient turnover of stored medicines must take place
  • A tracing system must be enabled on all vehicles transporting pharmaceutical goods
  • The correct products must be delivered to the correct destination within a satisfactory time period

Logistics providers can apply for GDP certification in order to demonstrate their commitment to providing high-quality logistical services and good distributive practices. A valid GDP certificate will act as evidence that the logistics provider is a trusted partner in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

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What are the benefits of hiring a logistics company with a GDP certification?

Logistics companies can harness a distinctive competitive edge in the pharmaceutical market by acquiring a GDP certification.

Using a GDP-compliant logistics provider can reduce the risk of damage or contamination of pharmaceutical products. Logistics companies with this certification also offer better product traceability, heightened flexibility and better risk management.

How can OSE European help?

Here at OSE, we are fully GDP-compliant and provide safe and secure solutions for the transportation of pharmaceutical products. 

We serve as a vital link for the pharmaceutical sector, transporting everything from medical trial samples and medications to capital equipment. 

Our services are held in high regard by some of the most reputable and well-established pharmaceutical companies in the UK and Europe.

You can read more about our pharmaceutical transport service here.

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