The importance of temperature-controlled transport in pharma logistics

The importance of temperature-controlled transport in pharma logistics

29th September 2023

Temperature-controlled transport is a crucial component of pharma logistics.

All pharmaceuticals must be handled with extreme care during transit.

To ensure that the quality and integrity of pharmaceutical items are not compromised, temperature-controlled transport and storage are essential. 

What is temperature-controlled logistics?

Temperature-controlled logistics involve the storage, maintenance, and conveyance of consignments that are sensitive to environmental conditions and need to be stored at a specified temperature.

It is the courier’s responsibility to maintain these levels during transit.

Vans, rigid trucks, and semi-trailers enclosed with insulated thermostatically-controlled cargo compartments and specific refrigeration units are frequently used to transport pharmaceutical products. 

Why is it important to the pharmaceutical industry? 

Whether they are raised or below subzero, the chemical stability of medication, biological products or active ingredients can be impacted by temperature fluctuations. That’s why it’s important that pharmaceuticals are stored at a safe temperature at all times throughout the supply chain to make sure that these products are safe.

What are the industry regulations?

Due to the risks involved, logistics couriers must also be aware of the Temperature Control Regulation’s legislation for transporting pharmaceutical products. 

The EU, World Health Organisation, Parental Drug Association, International Air Transport Association and Pharmacopeia all have their own guidance regarding pharmaceutical transport.

As a general rule, medicines must be kept in a temperature range of 2 °C to 8 °C. However, the manufacturer must be able to identify the acceptable temperature and humidity range, the margin of error for the temperature range, acceptable and potential levels of risk and precise no-go actions that may compromise the product’s safety.

Before the consignment is delivered to its destination, pharmaceutical companies are required to provide proof that it was carried in a temperature-controlled vehicle.

How we can help

OSE European can support you with pharma logistics.

We have a fleet of temperature-controlled vehicles that display temperature printouts throughout the journey for seamless monitoring. 

With 20 years of experience, our team are knowledgeable in the transport of pharmaceutical and hazardous goods and you can be confident that your shipment will arrive on time, undamaged and at the correct temperature. 

You can read more about our pharmaceutical transport service here.

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