UK’s first left hand driving school to launch after Brits admit their fears of driving overseas

UK’s first left hand driving school to launch after Brits admit their fears of driving overseas

10th June 2014

A left-hand driving school has been launched in the UK after it was revealed that more than a quarter of British holidaymakers are afraid to drive abroad.

The course is to be held in Brixton, London. It includes familiarisation with foreign road signs and roundabouts to build up the Brits’ confidence of taking a road trip while away.

Skyscanner is teaming up with trained, professional driving instructors to offer some free classes to Brits looking for some practice on the foreign roads before taking the wheel overseas.

The top 5 fears for Brits when driving abroad are…

  • Not recognising road signs
  • Getting lost
  • Going around roundabouts
  • Trying to navigate
  • Driving on the other side of the road

The decision has been made after research revealed the 27% of Brits admitted to being afraid of driving on the opposite side of the road.

A survey was carried out on 1,084 licence holding adults showed that 36% admit that they don’t research driving laws before driving abroad and 24% would actually prefer their partners to driver instead.

Mary Porter, from Skyscanner said, “With two-thirds of the worlds countries driving on the right hand side of the road we wanted to give British holidaymakers the confidence they need to drive overseas.”

“Rules and regulations vary from country to country so we’ve also published a guide to provide some clarity for drivers including top tips on driving on the opposite side of the road.”

“There is so much to discover off the beaten track so we hope people make the most of it without the fear of driving abroad.”

The guide includes a list of every national speed limit for the UK’s most popular holiday destinations. It also includes a list of unusual road signs they make come across overseas.

There are also top tips on how to drive on the right as well as a list of some of the more unusual driving laws from across the globe.

Classes will run on Saturday, July 12 in Brixton, London and are subject to availability.

Those looking to take part in the left-hand driving school can apply for a class via the Skyscanner website,

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