Transport security measures predicted for Logistics Industry

Transport security measures predicted for Logistics Industry

6th February 2013

In the last decade we have seen a positive shift in working practices relating to the transport and logistics industry. Companies have seen a number of laws and rules come into place in the bid to remodel the industry into a safer and more secure operating arena.

There are now stricter rules and regulations in place to prevent drivers working dangerously long hours, whilst in the hazardous logistics sector, a strict legislation framework has been designed in a bid to keep workers safe from fire and hazardous chemicals.

One major area of concern for most hauliers has been security within the industry, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) and working towards the introduction and implementation of new rules designed to make Lorries and the goods they are carrying protected with security measures in place.

The fact that many trucks are passing through international waters means that road freight security measures need to be planned to be functional enough for modern freight transport.

The European commission is pushing ahead with a working paper on transport security with the focus on retrieving the views of businesses and national governments. The commission will look to discuss everything from keeping road freight safe to protecting drivers, vehicles and goods from criminals including stowaways who use vehicles to illegally cross borders.

The EC claimed;

Although public transport are the most important modes of passenger transport and that road, rail and inland waterways transport huge quantities of freight both within and to/from the EU, there is today no coherent approach to land transport security in the EU.

In addition the working paper is looking into the feasibility of setting up an advisory group for land transport security and will work in partnership with a separate group made up of stakeholders from within the transport industry.

One of the great debates?centred?on the subject of transport security is who is going to foot the bill for changes?? Whilst both EC regulators and logistics business chiefs are likely to agree on the need for better security, money is sure to be a central topic.

The FTAs general manager for global and European policy Chris Welch laid question to where the cost burdens of extra security should fall.

The British Industry Group declared that logistics firms, many which are already struggling in economic uncertainty should not have to fund the proposed changes at border checking points. The group is keen on investing in crime prevention rather than crime detection which can be a more costly process.

The next step is for the views of the UK logistics sector to be passed onto the EC with regulators keen to see a working plan in motion for the group for the land transport security ready to launch within the next few months.

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