Transport Disorder: Green Field Building

Transport Disorder: Green Field Building

20th September 2011

Housing shortages in the UK are meaning that green belt land is threatened with the prospect of being used for building new homes for the surge in population.

The major concern of this step is that it will cause traffic chaos, one the greatest advantages of building within and close to cities is that the dwellings allow for easy access to transport routes with roads to city infrastructure. This means transport routes are more accessible.

Transport pressure groups are urging for the coalition the rethink the move.

They called for development to be encouraged only near good public transport links, for rejection of estates or offices which put too great a burden on the road network, and a rule to force developers to consider how people would move to and from their new homes and offices.

However with many UK cities bulging with over development, there may be a need to move construction into greener areas and less popular in order to sustain suitable housing criteria.





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