The death of the Petrol Guzzlers

The death of the Petrol Guzzlers

31st March 2011

The European Union has commissioned a proposal which calls for all Petrol driven cars to be banned by 2050. This drastic movement would see a complete upheaval and change in the way in which transport operates.

The phase-out of Petrol and even Diesel driven cars would be undertaken with new forms of energy to take its place.

According to one report the EU wanted to halve the use of conventionally used cars in urban areas by 2030; but is this plan really fitting to modern day society and how can we engage in the practice exercising new forms of energy and fuel in less than 20 years?

Will the UK be able to carry out such a tight framework of complete traditional Fuel eradication?

With such an intricate infrastructure and current unstable climate it is hard to envisage the adaptation of complete green fuels in a tight time frame.

The UK and the rest of the globe must begin to utilize and adopt greener policies; in a bid to cut carbon footprint and emissions, however drastic steps will be hard to implement in high population dense or poorer countries.

It is imperative that as a global prophecy we change the way in which we live to compliment the environment, and as the EU have pointed out 2050 could be overrun by congestion, noise and pollution.

Oil is becoming increasingly more expensive as sources run low so an alternative must be found. The transport Industry will change; innovative methods of fueling automotives will be embedded into new transport criteria.

The EU must ensure that strict targets are set country by country in order to effectively communicate greener policies and can be upheld by individual country specific needs.

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