Tachograph Magnet Cheats will be caught

Tachograph Magnet Cheats will be caught

11th August 2011

The police have launched a new campaign to tackle the growing problem of drivers tampering with their tachographs in order to work longer driving hours.

Using magnets to cheat the tachograph is a very dangerous practice; it is illegal for Heavy Goods drivers to continue working without a break or without the correct break time period.  In the UK and European Union the legal driving time is 4.5 hours with a legal entitlement of 15 minutes break before a Driver can continue on the road.

The tachograph measures the distance a heavy goods vehicle has travelled during its duration with the driver and the speed.  Digital tachographs are fitted to vehicles which make it near impossible for Drivers to cheat their working hours.

This offence is very dangerous and can cause a threat to the driver and other motorists on the road should the driver be suffering from fatigue.

Police Officers are leading an initiative that will involve handing out leaflets to motorists in the UK and from overseas highlighting the penalties for committing such offences.

The Road Haulage Association welcomed the news with Jack Semple, the head of Policy explaining;

‘We have been stressing the ministers that the UK must send out a clear signal that the use of magnets is a really serious offence will not be tolerated in this country’.

Police Officer will work alongside the Vehicle and Operators service agency to fulfill the new campaign. Leaflets have also been distributed and sent out to UK and Foreign firms, warning that if they participate with tachograph fine they could receive a £5000 fine or two year in Prison if



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