Solar Power: A rethink in transportation

Solar Power: A rethink in transportation

27th May 2011

Solar powered cars have had the thumbs up from Transport Minister, Norman Baker.

The first solar assisted charge point will open in the next few weeks; the highly speculated business is rumored to be called ‘Etap’ abbreviated from ‘Electricity on Tap’.

The technology of the solar canopies is in its early stages but has received full backing from the Government and green business communities.

In a statement from the department of transport,

‘The government is interested in the progression of the transport facility, yet has not confirmed whether funding will be invested into solar Etap technology.”

The notion of solar paneled charge points popping up all over the UK will depend on not only investment but current infrastructure.

Their will need to be increased public enthusiasm in the acquisition of electric charge cars for the necessity of solar charge canopies.

There is still of course, the skeptical viewpoint that we don’t live in the sunniest of countries and that the solar points may not be able to successfully refuel an electric car enough for full mobilization.

Yet the innovation does offer and provide us with options for the use of renewable energy and a step further to greener transport.

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