Predicted Gridlock will not just ‘disappear’

Predicted Gridlock will not just ‘disappear’

21st November 2011

Congestion is a major problem for the UK, roads are swamped with vehicles furiously sliding and slipping between each other as they rush to meet  time commitments whilst travelling across the country upon dated infrastructure.

A fuel chugging figure of a 50% rise in traffic and congestion has been announced making the most relaxed of drivers weep and look at their watch in dismay.

The department of transport released this data based on a proposed population of an extra 10 million.

However there has currently not been an implication that steps will be put into place to combat such traffic chaos and little has so far been done to warn motorists of future congestion upheaval.

By 2035 the nation’s population is predicted to reach 73 million and these people will want, and need, to get about. And whether we like it or not most of their travel will be by car. For all the benefits and attractions of public transport it is essentially a sideshow, a distraction from the real issue.

One concern is that many of the plans suggested by the department of transport completely fail to offer transportation means that are suitable and integrate easily into the public’s life and lifestyle.

People will need public transport that is not only accessible but reasonably priced with real benefits over using their own vehicle. Cars offer so much to modern society and it will be a very long time before motorists are happy to turn in a car for a shiny new bus pass.

It is not just the average motorist who will suffer, those in the Logistics and transport industry require good, fluid infrastructure to support businesses and there selves not only to deliver on time but to facilitate the bulging pressure of a growing population and increased supply and demand.

Unfortunately petrol guzzling vehicles are the only way to support our nation, until new fuel methods are useful and accessible and roads that can support and sustain a hopeful growing economy are actively in place.







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