OSE at the forefront of UK Logistics innovation

OSE at the forefront of UK Logistics innovation

25th May 2012

For a long time, ‘Logistics’ has had an image problem in the business world.

In the same way that many young people see ‘retail’ as stacking shelves for a minimum wage, the general perception of logistics is a fancy word for transport, meaning all lorries, truck drivers, forklifts, pallets and no place for women.

Of course, logistics is more than just bodies moving boxes from A to B. Supply Chains are an ever changing, ever developing aspect of day-to-day business and innovation to improve them through making them cheaper and faster.

For example, Oil and gas makes money but offshore wind will start with subsidies and need breakthrough, revolutionary thinking to cut costs end-to-end.

Innovation is an opportunity sceptics often ignore. Back in the 18th century, the Indian economy was the biggest exporter of cotton and, in the UK, clothes were made in the home.

However, energy from British steam engines changed the game by making factories possible. However, this invention did not happen overnight.

The first steam engine was patented in 1698 and it took until 1768 for Watts engine to produce the step change to mass production and more inventions to build on this success.

As logistics guru Professor Martin Christopher puts it: “Supply chains compete, not companies.”

Innovation is catching on and ideas in one area can have a considerable impact elsewhere. At OSE, we pride ourselves on our industry leading adoption of the latest technology including our online quick quote and booking feature and automated delivery system.

OSE provide a full range of transport and logistics services including UK and European Express, Economy European Freight, International Air and Freight and UK and European Warehousing. Find out more here.

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