Newcastle gets Bikes!!

Newcastle gets Bikes!!

25th July 2011

In the last few days if you have been around Newcastle City Centre, you may have noticed the arrival of Bike Racks located in different locations across the city.


The Bike scheme has been developed through a partnership between the company Scratchbikes and the NE1 Business development group.


The Bike scheme has been created to support those commuting,with the recognition that although Newcastle has a very good public transport system, it is quite expensive with the Bikes offering a cheaper alternative method of travelling around the city.


The fleet of 150 Bicycles will be dispersed across the city; those who want to use the Bicycles will need to register online and can use the Bikes for a maximum of 2 hours before returning to another rack or rebooking.


The Chief Executive of NE1 ltd said,


‘Cycle schemes run in many European cities and launching a scheme in Newcastle demonstrates the city’s credentials as a modern, cosmopolitan, European city’.


For the scheme to work in the long term as an effective transport strategy, the growing Infrastructure needs of Newcastle must be met to ensure that it can provide safe routes for Bike riders if the Bicycle programme is to successfully develop
in the region.


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