Mackerel Mayhem!

Mackerel Mayhem!

1st February 2012

Witnesses were left bemused by an overturned lorry which spilt thousands of mackerel fish across a farmer’s field.

A staggering 20 tonnes of fishiness was strewn across the field, the clean up required 12 men and a digger and crane which took over 7 hours.

The accident which happened in Ardglass in County Down, Northern Ireland, occurred when the Lorry containing the Mackerel hit a grass verge ploughing through 30 yards of hedge; luckily the driver was not injured.

The land owner, Gordon Flinn said,

‘The one really bizarre thing was though, is that there wasn’t a smell of fish. I think there was more than enough to feed the 5,000. We could have fed the 5,000 five thousand times over.

In 2011, a lorry containing millions of gallons of marmite overturned on the M1 Motorway, as motorists rushed by.



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