Look out for new legislation

Look out for new legislation

19th May 2011

The department of transport has recently published a new report documenting road safety improvement for the UK;

The exert below identifies the key themes for Road Safety:

–          Better education and training for Children and learner and inexperienced drivers.

–          Making it easier for road users to do the right thing and go with the grain of human behavior

–          Remedial Education for those who make mistakes and for low level offences where this is more effective than financial penalties and penalty points.

–          Tougher Enforcement for the small minority of motorists who deliberately choose to drive carelessly

–          Extending this approach to cover all dangerous and careless offences, not just focusing in speeding

–          Taking action based upon cost benefit analysis, including assessing the impact on business.

–          More local and community decision making from decentralization and providing local information to citizens to enable them to challenge priorities.

–          Supporting and Building capability by working with the road safety community on better tools to support road safety professionals.

For more information regarding this article or enquires about e department of transport please visit – http://www.dft.gov.uk/

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