London Lorry Control Scheme

London Lorry Control Scheme

24th July 2013

Experts have warned that London’s council must make  a new approach to freight deliveries if the city is to keep functioning against the backdrop of a forecast population of 10 million by 2031.

This arose after a publication of a report by the Roads Task Force (RTF) that sets out long term visions for London’s roads. The report makes 13 recommendations on “transforming conditions for walking, cycling and public transport” Central to this is “shifting LGVs and freight out of peak hours as seen during the London 2012 Games”. The report has been welcomed and approved by London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson and Transport for London (TFL)

While welcoming the overall report, Natalie Chapman, head of policy for London at the Freight Transport Association, said: “Too many deliveries are forced into the morning peak, due to the constraints of night-time delivery curfews. It is crucial that the boroughs work with the industry to relax these restrictions and the time is right for a proper review of the London Lorry Control Scheme (LLCS), which restricts the movement of lorries overnight.”

Responding to this, a spokeswoman for London Councils, the body in charge of the LLCS, said: “There are a number of challenges to increasing out of hours deliveries. However, the LLCS does not restrict out of hours deliveries and a review is not essential to meet the RTF objectives.”

Mike Bracey, chairman of the Brewery Logistics Group, disagreed and said: “The statement that the LLCS does not restrict out of hours deliveries is not true, because by restricting vehicles to the Excluded Route Network, the LLCS makes them take some very large detours to effect their deliveries, which makes it financially unattractive,”

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