Is this the safest bicycle ever? New Smart Bikes set to hit the market this November.

Is this the safest bicycle ever? New Smart Bikes set to hit the market this November.

21st May 2014

With an endless amount of top of the range technology available now, from smart watches to self-driving cars, there is now a smart bike.

The new range of peddle bikes will connect with a smart phone app to put GPS technology on the handlebars, allowing riders to keep their eyes on the road.

Because the bike is connected to the app, it allows cyclists to track their performance and provides them with feedback on how to improve their journey.

Some of the features the smart bike has are:

  • The Vanhawks Valour bike connects to a smartphone app to provide GPS directions for cyclists.
  • It uses Bluetooth to give turn-by-turn directions by illuminating indicators on the handlebars.
  • The bike has a blind-spot detector that vibrates grips to alert the cyclist to danger.
  • It gets cleverer over time by learning to avoid potholes and suggesting safer routes.
  • On-board sensors measure calories burned by a cyclist as well as the distance travelled and speed.
  • Best times and other information can be viewed on an accompanying app.
  • The frame is made from carbonfibre and is ergonomically designed.
  • The bike is available to pre-order on Kickstarter from $1,049CAD (£574)

The Vanhawks Valour smart bike, designed in Toronto, Canada, will offer turn-by-turn navigation by using low energy Bluetooth to connect to a smart phone for directions.

LED indicators on the handlebar will signal as a rider approaches their next turn to provide lots of warning for car drivers and help keep cyclists safe.

The bike will also have a blind-spot detector to alert a rider to potential danger by vibrating the handlebars.

Over time, once the GPS has become used to a familiar route, the bike will become more intelligent by learning where to avoid potholes and suggesting safer routes for the cyclist to take.

Sensors attached to the bike will measure calories burnt, the distance they have travelled and their speed and best times on certain routes.

All of this data will be stored in the app available on a smart phone, where the cyclist can look over the details and set targets.

While designed for comfort and safety, the ergonomic design is intended to relive pressure on the riders back, spine and buttocks while providing optimal power transfer.

‘Stay fit and feel great by turning your everyday commute into a fitness ride,’ the company says on its Kickstarter website.

“We designed the bike for those who commute in urban setting. Being commuters ourselves and having a manufacturer background, we wanted to create a bike that we would use every day with safety in mind too.” ” Ali Zahid, co-founder and COO of Vanhawks said.

The bike is available to pre-order on Kickstarter from £574 and is set to be shipped in November.

The company behind the idea has already raised over £235, 000, over four times more than its original goal.

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