Investment in UK Infrastructure is set to improve in 2013

Investment in UK Infrastructure is set to improve in 2013

9th January 2013

Investment in UK Infrastructure is set to improve, assured a Coalition minister who admitted that spending on road transport networks had been poor.

UK Roads are considerably over congested, in a lacking state of repair and not fully equipped to deal with the magnitude of increasing traffic. A strong road network underpins economic growth. Productive spending in delegating public spending to road maintenance could possibly mean Britain recovers quicker from the biting recession. Through investing in a make do and mend approach instead of large scale projects that will not be fully active for a number of years, boosting funds in areas that need them will mean more jobs and a boost to trade and Industry.

The Minister for Business, Innovation and Growth, Mathew Hancock announced; We need to make it faster to get from an infrastructure project to diggers in the ground.

Historically, neglected motorways, pot holed roads and bulging congestion are something that the UK has become unfavorably accustomed to. In light of this the coalition declared there would be plans to make building new roads and other infrastructure projects easier.

One study from the US advocates;

Fixing Infrastructure produces a higher return than new construction because repair prevents the need for reconstruction later, which costs four to 14 times as much.

Big shot projects are not what the UK needs right now, more so an emphasis on ensuring UK road Infrastructure can meet the growing demands of logistic supply routes and enrich the country for both import and export requirements.

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