Handling…..Garment Handling

Handling…..Garment Handling

15th April 2011

The nature of Garment Handling transport means it requires fast, accurate precision in its operational development.

Fashion logistics has moved forward with advancing technology, with the transition of fast changing fashion and the increase in consumer purchasing.

The volume of distribution has increased and we have seen JIT practices transcend into new age, high demand techniques to produce and manufacture products at a robotic like speed.

With this, the need for highly technological and specialised transport arises.

With every operation, a transport solution must be bespoke and cover the operational needs perfectly. One flaw in the functionality process could  cause a catalyst of weakening effects in the transition of successfully handled garment logistics.

Fashion logistics is considered and quite rightly, to be one of the largest logistical operations across the globe.

With most of the production of textile and clothing coming from the Eastern world, long distance logistic planning must be designed with room for every possibility enabling flexibility and natural progression of multi supply chains.

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