From Stonehenge to Brooklyn Bridge

From Stonehenge to Brooklyn Bridge

2nd March 2011

Logistics has been an intricate part of our society growth, and without the advancement of transport science it is unlikely that we would have developed into the society we are today.

The revolution of infrastructure has augmented our relationships with other countries, improving trading and economic stability.

A good example of the power of logistics is to look at the Seven Wonders of the World, the sheer incredulity that ancient civilization had the resource and without sounding demeaning; the capability to build and manage these enormous projects is astonishing.

In the timeline of logistical advancement; monumental historic episodes such as war can aid the progression of transport means. Considerable planning would have been put into the supply and distribution of weapons, equipment and rations.

Without logistic planning countries would not be able to operate movements such as aid welfare, mass scale charity and day to day distribution.

Transport planning is as relevant today as it was then, road transport, air and sea; mean it’s now possible to connect on a global scale with evident operational exactitude.

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