Freak Lightning for Finnair

Freak Lightning for Finnair

21st October 2011

In recent transport news, Finnair experienced a freak incident on Wednesday night when 10 of their planes were hit by lightning.

The unusual event caused the planes to turn back. The diverted flights were both domestic and International but luckily nobody was hurt.

Finnair spokesperson Inka Ikonen explained,

‘What made this unusual was that there was a lot of lightning, which is exceptional for this time of year. When lightning strikes a plane, there’s a very bright light, and obviously you can sense some movement in the plane. You may get scared, but there’s no danger’.

After lightning has struck a plane, maintenance checks are carried out to ensure that the aircraft is fully operational.

On average it is estimated that most commercial planes are hit by lightening more that once a year.  Planes are designed to withstand a strike and damage is rarely caused by a lightning bolt.


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