Fast Fashion needs Fast Logistics

Fast Fashion needs Fast Logistics

6th July 2011

In the last decade the fashion industry delighted itself in consumers desire for high- fashion garments, if a popular celebrity was swathed in the newest ‘now,now,now’ clothing , consumers expected the item or very good copies to be available for purchase the very next day.

For clothing manufacturers this meant increased pressure on production and distribution methods and exhaustion of machinery as it throttled through garment after garment.  The influx of company orders meant that manufacturing of cheap fashion goods equated to vast profit for the high street.

Distribution of fast fashion garments was dependant on timely, efficient logistics carriers to network garment handling across the UK via road, air and sea.

Although consumers purchasing habits have dramatically changed in recent years, logistics are still one of the biggest determinants in garment handling distribution. With the shift of consumables being purchased online, consumers are becoming even more impatient for their virtual goods to appear as solid bona fide products.

The transition into online stores means companies do not have the overheads and are no longer burdened by surplus staffing; further capital can now be invested into transport and  logistic operations enhancing customer experience thus retaining purchasing satisfaction.

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