Eastern Europe Freezing

Eastern Europe Freezing

3rd February 2012

European countries are currently battling against severe freezing temperatures, as the weather plummets many are struggling to keep warm with reports of deaths due to the cold.

The sub zero temperatures across many parts of Eastern Europe are meaning villagers are scrambling for fuel sources and food in an effort to save their selves from the plummeting chill.

Devastatingly, at least 139 people are reported to have died directly due to terrifyingly harsh weather conditions.

In poorer areas, namely the Hungarian village of Farkaslyuk, villagers have been scrambling up a disused coal mine, trying to scrape together bits of coal to keep warm and cook food. In the mountains near the village temperatures have dropped to minus 20 Celsius.

The Ukraine has been the country worst hit by the cold blast, with schools shutting and supermarkets reporting food shortages. Delivery trucks were either unable to reach areas or struggling due to temperatures as low as minus 25 Celsius.

The Charity Red Cross was currently releasing funds to provide heated shelters for the Homeless in Belarus and Ukraine.

Zlatko Kovav for the Red Cross explained;

‘Homeless people have been caught unaware and unprepared namely because they don’t follow long range forecasts and are extremely vulnerable’.

The cold has also led to blocked roads and runways as snow drifts and ice seizes up railway and lines. The freezing temperatures have also meant more transport ceased as car batteries are fuel are frozen solid.

Western Europe is also set for a chilly time, with the Italian city of Rome experiencing unusual snow coverage with schools shutting down. In Germany, the countries bin men carried on collecting rubbish in temperatures as low as 15 celsius.  ‘The more you work the warmer you get then its ok’ said one bin man.

Here in the UK we are also expecting freezing temperatures with Weather warnings being issued.  Snow and Ice is predicted to cause problems on UK transport routes, drivers are being warned to take extra care this weekend.




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