Driver Qualification Cards now in issue by more than 250,000 drivers

Driver Qualification Cards now in issue by more than 250,000 drivers

29th October 2013

According to the Driving Standards Agency,  more than 258, 000 drivers have completed their Driver CPC training and received a Driver Qualification Card. The total included both LGV drivers and PCV, as well as new starters in each of the respective industries since 2008-09, not just those with acquired rights.

258, 396 Driver Qualification Cards have been issued as of September, a 6.8% increase on Augusts 241, 930 total. Meaning, 671, 273 LGV and PCV drivers have now engaged with the process, however, potentially 78, 727 based on Driving Standards Agency estimates have not.

The Freight Transport Association recently warned that the industry may invest in redundant training if Driver CPC is standardised.

A full breakdown of driver CPC hours (PCV and LGV) as of September 2013:
7 hours – 94,207
7.5 to 14 hours – 82,086
14.5 to 21 hours – 100,640
21.5 to 28 hours – 125,526
28.5 to 35 hours – 258,312

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