County Councils lorry overtaking ban shunned by Highways Agency

County Councils lorry overtaking ban shunned by Highways Agency

11th September 2013

After doubts about its effectiveness by the Highways Agency, a plan made to stop lorries overtaking on the A12 looks likely to come to a standstill. Councillors in Essex voted for a pilot ban on the two lanes of the road between Marks Try and Boreham interchange. Rodney Bass, a county councillor, claimed that the idea was not a gimmick and said that he was well aware of the frustrations a motorist can feel from being stuck behind a lorry.

To be introduced, the Highways Agency must receive a proposal and submission about the ban. However a spokeswoman has claimed that the agency is still yet to receive any details. ?She added: “This solution is not appropriate for all sections of our network. We have previously investigated a lorry overtaking trial for the A12, but due to the frequency of junctions we do not believe this would provide an effective method of reducing congestion.”

A spokeswoman for Essex County Council has retaliated saying that they had met with the Highways Agency to discuss the proposal and also said that both had agreed to have regular discussions with them about possible improvements of the ban.

In conclusion, the?Road Haulage Association?has labelled parts of the A12 as not fit for purpose and investment was necessary to dual the entire route. John Howells said it was a key route to ports but that stretch remains a single carriageway. However, the Highways Agency said it had no plans to add an additional lane.

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