Building Connections: Road Constructions

Building Connections: Road Constructions

10th June 2011

There has always been topical debate on the subject of road construction, from the impact on the environment to the bold concrete motorway structures that enfold the 1930s housing estate or chokingly dominate national park heritage.

However without good infrastructure, our cities would not be as well connected, travel and goods transportation would be limited and we would find ourselves in a dangerous situation of dusty pot holed roads and endless traffic jams or collisions.

Road building is a human history where its foundations can be found in the hunting trails from our ancestors. From the use of Horses or Mules for transportation to the introduction of wheeled transport, roadways have been a vital part of our continued existence.

Technological innovation has lent its self highly to the modern delivery of road networks and safer modes of transportation.  A pioneering example of building safe roads was the development of the path system which created ‘all weather’ roads invented by the Scottish engineer, McAdam. The road theory would prove to be a leading example in this type of building and is the foundation of many engineering processes today.

Industrialized countries needed the support of an efficient infrastructure which accelerated the building of intricate transport systems across both the US and Europe.

In order for us to provide and maintain a sustainable environment, methods of road construction will require modification to cope with the high influx of vehicle use.

The urbanization and expansion of cities today means engineers face the challenge of constantly adapting the mapping of infrastructure conditioning.

Wherever the discussion lies, Road construction is imperative to economic activity and daily life activity.

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