Boosting Air freight is vital for UK Economy

Boosting Air freight is vital for UK Economy

29th April 2013

The FTA has announced that it believes that dedicating investment and interest into the Air freight sector is crucial for the UKs economy.

According to the freight transport association, the aviation sector must be able to expand to meet demand from both passengers and freight as it is increasingly important to the country’s economy. In an ever competitive global market this is essential.

The association has also said that extra capacity is also required, either through constructing new airports or extending existing London airports.

Heathrow is the largest and busiest freight carrier in the UK however lacks availability slots which then reduce the range of destinations served, increasing availability would therefore excel current operations.

Chris MacRae, FTA Policy Manager said,

‘The UK economy would benefit from an improved quality of global hubs located in the UK’.


‘The greater the range of direct destinations, the easier it is to trade with other parts of the world. The UKs international competitiveness is likely to be impaired unless current airport capacity is expanded to cater for growth in international trade’.






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