Austrian man builds his own Porsche, made of CARDBOARD!

Austrian man builds his own Porsche, made of CARDBOARD!

11th April 2014

With a top speed of 10mph, this gold Porsche may not withhold the usual performance of the supercar, but this doesn’t affect Austrian, Johannes Langeder, who is delighted with his homemade pride and joy, that’s made out of cardboard!

The car cost only £11,000 (€13,000) to build and gets around using pedal-power.

This week he took the car out for its first trip around the city of Hamburg, in northern Germany and pointed out that not only is it the quietest vehicle on the road, it also has zero emissions, making it the most environmentally friendly Porsche ever.

Langeder said,”It has 24 gears which is pretty impressive, and at the end of the day I am finally driving around in a Porsche.”

Porsche price: £129,950
Cardboard car: €13,000 (£11,000)

Porsche speed: 196mph
Cardboard car: 10mph

Porsche performance: 0-60 taking 3.5sec
Cardboard car: As fast as your legs can go

Porsche weight: 1,375 kg
Cardboard car: 99.6 kilograms

Average Porsche production time: 5 days
Cardboard car: 1,000 hours over 6 months

The two-seat vehicle include includes a rear wing and massive air inlets on the front spoiler to help with aero dynamics and save the driver from getting too hot.

The base of the car is made of steel-frame but the rest of the vehicle is made of plastic tubes, aluminium foil and rolls and rolls of tape.

It took Mr Langeder 6 months and 1,000 hours to build in a garage.

Unlike its mechanical counterpart which costs £129,950 and does 0-60 in 3.7 seconds, the model does not have a twin-turbo or produce 450bhp from a 3.6-litre air-cooled flat-six engine.

The car runs completely on man power thanks to a bicycle fitted underneath the hood and can reach a top speed of 10mph.

Not only attracting attention from the public but from the police too which have stopped him on several occasions to thoroughly check the car and make sure that all paperwork is in order, and allowing it to carry on.

The decision was made to build the Porsche when Mr Langeder realised that it was fully legal to driver the car on Austrian Roads.

Langeder said: “It is treated like a bicycle by the law and I wanted to show that a car needed no fuel. I wanted to build a car that accords with my idea of future. There are no original parts.”

“The most impressive feature is its extreme slowness – everyone on the street is faster than you. You are no enemy to other road users and the slowness is a kind of luxury. Most car drivers need a second look before they realise it is technically a bicycle. Most of them are very enthusiastic and get their cameras out.”

Mr Langeder, originally from the northern Austrian city of Linz built the car in 2010 and it has since notched up plenty of mileage before he finally drove it to the local museum in Hamburg as part of an exhibition on bikes.

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