ASDA Joins FTA Green Scheme

ASDA Joins FTA Green Scheme

13th October 2011

Supermarket giant ASDA, have signed up to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions through the companies transport and logistics output.

The FTA now has an impressive number of vehicles listed on the Logistics Carbon Reduction scheme, currently totaling
over 50,000.

ASDA is also going to provide to the scheme its own fuel usage, fleet and activity data in order for the Logistics sector to fully understand its environmental impact and begin to measure both the production of carbon created by transport and how to begin to reduce the industries Carbon footprint.

National Transport Manager for ASDA, Chris Hall announced

‘We continue to drive the focus into producing fewer, friendlier and cheaper miles and are delighted to be
involved in this scheme. The opportunity to utilise this scheme to further develop our collaborative relationships in the industry and to set our agenda in relation to fleets and fuels of the future is vitally important’.

To ensure that the data process is not overwhelmingly time consuming, transport reporting is done in-house at
involved companies and then verified by the Freight Transport Association. Oncethe logistical results have been created, carbon reduction emission targets are then set.

The FTA has openly welcomed new member ASDA to the scheme,

Chief Economist, Simon Chapman added

‘It is great to have a heavy hitter like ASDA backing the scheme and it reflects how seriously the industry is
taking its role in the carbon reduction agenda, after all, CO2 from freight accounts for a third of all transport emissions’

From the last FTA report on this matter, it was found that the use of Bio fuels, relevant training and vehicle
carrying capacity which had all helped to benefit company emission output.  To fulfill progress greater fuel efficiency is
required to manage tighter reduction targets.

The FTA scheme differs from the national carbon emission cutting scheme, in that it does not eradicate it entirely, which
is currently not scalable however the FTAS Logistic scheme allows companies to reduce their carbon per resource and activity which in turn can result in increased achievement. The FTA scheme identifies the needs of the industry creating scalable
results without hindering progress.


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