Ancient wonders of the world – in Essex

Ancient wonders of the world – in Essex

4th March 2013

The London Gateway Container Port in Essex is currently home to five of the world’s biggest cranes following a long haul trip from China.

The cranes are so huge that it there is no larger crane to assist in unloading so the ancient Egyptian system of pulleys and rollers is required such as those used to build the great pyramids.

The giant structures are so colossal that it will take a week to unload them, they were transported from the containership Zhen Hua 26 and are the largest cranes ever delivered in the history  of  UK Shipping.

The cranes are destined for the new London Gateway, which is being constructed on top of the Shell Haven Refinery on the Thames, once final construction on the six main berths is completed a further 21 cranes will be delivered.

The cranes are 138 metres tall and weigh in at almost 2000 tonnes and manufactured in China, will arrive over a series of shipments.

We can thank the ancient Egyptians for so much technology and with advancements in modern technology they are the foundations of innovative thinking and enriching humanity with progression.



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