A9 speed camera plan defended by Scottish Government

A9 speed camera plan defended by Scottish Government

29th January 2014

Plans have been defended by the Scottish Government to introduce average speed cameras along the A9 before launching the trial of a 50mph speed limit for HGV, after facing criticism from Danny Alexander, Chief secretart to the Treasury and Highlands.

Alexander stated that the money would be better spent duelling the A9, after urging the SNP to scrap plans for speed cameras along the major trunk road, suggesting that there was no evidence of a safety benefit.

However, a spokeswoman for Transport Scotland?said, The planned trial of a 50mph speed limit for HGV’s?is still dependent on the cameras being put in place.

A Scottish Government spokesman said: “We have been in touch with Mr Alexanders office on several occasions to arrange a suitable time to discuss these issues. The evidence shows that average speed cameras help cut the number of accidents, particularly those resulting in death and serious injury ? and all of the evidence supporting the decision to introduce the cameras has been available since October last year,” he added.

Head of policy, Road Haulage Association, Jack Semple said: “We will be stressing to our members and the rest of the road haulage industry the importance of safe driving.”

Transport Scotland plans to begin construction for the A9 duelling project in 2015/16 and is still currently completing the final timescale for the speed limit trial.

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