A Dangerous Reliance in Hydrogen Fuel?

A Dangerous Reliance in Hydrogen Fuel?

15th July 2011

The use of Hydrogen as a fuel alternative is not a new subject, but the technology required to process Hydrogen into a readily available productive source of fuel; is challenging scientists and the automotive Industry.

The advantage of Hydrogen is that it is one of the purest sources of fuel once manipulated, with its only emission being water. The problem at the minute is that the production of hydrogen will only be of benefit if created through renewable energy structures.

Currently, Hydrogen is also rather expensive and its transportation and usage is limited. Vehicle Fuel cells are also costly, with the average consumer unable to afford such a green luxury.  Hydrogen fuelled vehicles also need to be refueled more often, making it difficult for consumers to see the full benefits until this mode of transport and available energy is refined.

Bulk Storage and production of Hydrogen also needs to be addressed to create safe methods of mass production and distribution.

The first demo fleet was created and tested in California, US. In the UK, there is currently no Hydrogen Refueling infrastructure, although trailing has been confirmed and there is the possibility this alternative transport type could be used in the Olympic Games.

There is much controversy centered upon Hydrogen as just another hyped up bio fuel, such as wind farms or solar power replacing non renewable sources. These renewable energy sources have yet to make the significant impact intended. However Hydrogen could hold a bounty for the Logistics Industry, if technology prevails.

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