Why you should be using OSE for European logistics services

Why you should be using OSE for European logistics services

7th March 2024

Hiring a reputable and experienced provider of European logistics services can save your business valuable time and money, whilst also relieving the stress of European shipping.

At OSE, our logistics professionals have extensive experience moving goods across Europe. We offer a wide range of European logistics services to businesses, including road freight, pallet network deliveries, warehousing, and customs clearance support. 

Our range of European logistics solutions includes; 

European express

With our strategically based depots in Calais, France and Veurne, Belgium, we are perfectly situated for European consignments and can deliver to anywhere within mainland Europe in as little as 12 hours.

Our European Express service is one of the most advanced logistics solutions we offer, utilising state-of-the-art satellite technology to closely monitor vehicles and react to any issues which may present potential delays in a swift, orderly manner. 

With access to anywhere in Europe and our trademark speed and accuracy, this service is ideal for time-sensitive deliveries. We can also arrange for customs documentation and clearance when importing and exporting goods between the UK and EU, ensuring that all necessary paperwork is complete so your delivery can run as smoothly as possible. 

OSE lorry delivering a consignment in Italy.

European freight and groupage

We are specialists in European road freight, providing an extensive range of both full and part-load trailers, to UK and European businesses with the option of collections from multiple locations. 

We have worked throughout Europe for over a decade and are well aware of the challenges associated with moving goods from one country to another. Our extensive industry experience gained throughout this time has placed us in an ideal position to source the best available prices for ferry and tunnel crossings while devising the most efficient routes.

We have transported goods for businesses across a range of industries, including automotive, manufacturing, oil and gas and pharmaceutical sectors, which means we are well aware of the pressures of transporting sensitive goods. This is why we provide specialist solutions, such as temperature-controlled vehicles, as well as cutting-edge satellite monitoring technologies so that you can track the process of your consignment throughout the entire delivery process. 

European pallet networks

We are committed to providing market-leading contributions and are proud members of leading pallet network Pall-Ex. This membership enables us to offer a dependable range of comprehensive, integrated services and freight solutions across Europe. 

We offer a full pallet service in all European countries, including Norway and Switzerland. With daily collections and departures from the North East of England to most countries, as well as freight sizes that are not limited to typical pallet sizes, when you need a way of shipping pallets across Europe, we can be counted on to carry the load.

OSE artic lorry parked up in Switzerland.

European warehousing

Our manned depots in Calais and Belgium enable us to hold European shipments near their specific collection or delivery points. These depots are strategically positioned for easy distribution across Europe, with large capacities and a wide range of transport resources to offer flexible solutions for each consignment. 

We offer:

  • Designated warehousing amounting to 10,000 sq. ft.
  • 24/7 availability, 365 days of year
  • Long and short-term storage options
  • Transhipment between vehicles
  • ADR storage

Customs clearance

We invested significant time and resources in preparation for Brexit so that we could support and advise our customers with importing and exporting vital shipments, regardless of what the outcome of the negotiations was. 

As a result, we are able to fully assist you with the customs clearance process whether you are transporting your goods into or out of the UK. We can raise declarations, assign you customs clearance agents, provide you with comprehensive advice on every facet of the import and export process and much more

We have a wealth of experience in European logistics services. We understand what customers are looking for from a transportation service and go the extra mile to deliver. Our understanding and can-do approach sets us apart from the competition, making us the logical go-to provider for those needing a truly market-leading, reliable supply-chain service. 

To learn more about our European logistics services, get in touch today.

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