Why choose OSE for Pharmaceutical Air Freight?

Why choose OSE for Pharmaceutical Air Freight?

14th March 2023

Airplane being loaded with pharmaceutical products

It’s important when transporting pharmaceutical products that a lot of care, time and attention is put into the procedure in order to ensure the safety of the cargo.

The logistical approach behind transporting healthcare products needs to be careful and precise. If the shipment is mishandled, or not stored at the correct temperature, the onboard products can be jeopardised. 

The pharmaceutical industry is responsible for moving over 500,000 tons worth of cargo every year, and we know sustaining the quality of the product requires specific equipment and the correct handling procedures. 

Here at OSE, we appreciate that pharmaceutical consignments require specialist transport assistance and the utmost care. 

With our pharmaceutical air freight service:

Your products are refrigerated and handled by ADR-qualified experts…

We are experts at fulfilling the needs of clients operating within the pharmaceutical industry, and we offer sustainable handling and transport modes that preserve the condition of the load. 

Our professional team are fully qualified to transport dangerous goods, and all of them have received ADR training, meaning they are more than capable of transporting your product.

Track your package, anywhere, anytime…

We utilise cutting-edge, precision satellite tracking technology on all consignments across the UK and Europe, so you are always updated on the exact locations of your goods, at any point of the journey.

Our airfreight service guarantees you peace of mind, from start to finish!

We offer temperature-controlled logistics…

Successful deliveries depend on the correct packaging for the conditions that will be encountered on the route. Our temperature-controlled service is specifically designed for transporting refrigerated or potentially hazardous goods. 

Some examples of medicines that need to be transported in temperature-controlled vehicles include antibiotic liquids, insulin, injections and eye drops.

We are an essential link for the pharmaceutical industry, through our air freight service we deliver everything from trial samples and capital equipment, straight to where it is needed most. 

We work in close partnership with some of the most established pharmaceutical companies in the UK and Europe, so you know that we are held in high regard.

Looking for a reliable logistics company to transport your pharmaceutical goods? Get in touch.

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