The benefits of real-time transit data

The benefits of real-time transit data

16th May 2018

The transportation and logistics industries have been using technology for several years now to improve their processes, and it keeps getting better.

Transport is now more reliable than it ever has been due to real-time transit data allowing companies to work smarter and safer together. This is enabling companies to offer a more efficient service as they can respond quickly to keep their supply chain running smoothly.

Reliable and consistent service

As technology improves and changes, demands are growing to provide a timely and reliable service each and every time. The transportation and logistics industry use real-time data to meet these demands. This data will include live views of their vehicles and drivers, allowing them to analyse the information and respond to anything that may be time-sensitive.

By utilising real-time data, you can measure the performance of the vehicle and avoid delays by using the Internet of Things (IoT) to have a constant connection with all vehicles. By avoiding delays, this means goods and consignments are consistently delivered on-time, meeting the needs of customers. This data can also predict maintenance that may be needed for a vehicle, thus reducing errors, breakdowns and malfunctions.

Increased safety

Safety is always a top priority in the transportation and logistics industry, and using real-time transit data, helps protect their drivers on the roads and minimise risk. There are sensors available for vehicles that provide insightful data that show how drivers are performing and the conditions they are in. Monitoring conditions such as the temperature will show any correlations between the performance and the conditions at the time. Companies can use this data to prevent accidents and train their staff in ways they can improve their vehicle manoeuvres. They can also notify their drivers that it’s time to take a break or change some conditions to keep them alert on the road.

Improved customer service

The overall customer experience will be improved if they can look at real-time updates of their consignment. This will prevent unnecessary waiting around, so customers can organise the delivery of their consignment into their day.

Maximise warehouse capacity

Analysing real-time data will allow companies to maximise warehouse capacity as their inventory data will be consistently up-to-date at all times.

Using real-time data for decision making is critical to compete in the transportation industry. It ensures a consistent service without delay or risk and keeps fleets running smoothly on a consistent basis.

At OSE, we use real-time transit data to improve the services we provide and consistently meet our clients’ needs. When technology progresses, we progress alongside it to ensure our fleets are being managed in the best way possible.

For more information about our services, please get in touch – our professional and friendly team can provide advice and assistance regarding real-time transit data or any of your transportation and logistics questions.

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