OSE expanding

OSE expanding

2nd May 2018

At OSE, we’re proud of our reputation for being one of the UK’s leading providers of worldwide transport solutions.

Committed to meeting and exceeding our client’s requirements, providing them with a service that encompasses flexibility, approachability, and proficiency, we’re constantly looking for ways to develop, expand, and grow our services.

In late 2017, we expanded our core business and invested in our own temperature controlled vehicle. This has enabled us to offer a consistent and reliable temperature controlled transport service, responding quickly to our clients’ needs.

In response to an increasing workload, in March 2018, we then expanded this fleet further, allowing us to offer greater levels of flexibility over our competitors and ensure that our customers receive the best possible level of service.

All of our temperature-controlled vehicles are fully equipped to handle refrigerated, chilled, or heated shipments. And, if you have any mixed loads, we can also offer dual temperature options.

The expansion of our specialist fleet has allowed us to reach out to the food and pharma sectors, where temperature controlled transportation is vital. Within these industries, we understand just how critical it is that the temperature of certain goods is kept as constant.

To ensure that we are able to effectively meet these needs, all of our specialist, temperature controlled vehicles have the facility to provide temperature printouts displaying the temperature throughout the journey. We also have temperature loggers and can send you digital reports with temperature readings at intervals of your choice.

General Manager, Dominic Wintrip, said: “The purchase and expansion of our temperature controlled fleet has been a huge success and has allowed us to expand our traditional core business into this adjacent market, crucially this has been achieved by truly understanding our key customers’ requirements.

“It is an exciting time for OSE, as we further look to expand this dedicated operation into temperature controlled storage, in order to further serve our customer base, with a true end to end temperature controlled service.”

For further information about our services or to discuss your transport requirements further, please get in touch.


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