Connecting Europe, one pallet at a time

Connecting Europe, one pallet at a time

30th January 2024

In an era defined by the ability to connect globally, the smooth operation of the logistics industry is crucial to businesses looking for a seamless distribution solution.

Enter OSE European. Established in 2001, Gateshead-based transport and haulage provider OSE European has steadily grown into a prominent player in the logistics landscape. With an extensive fleet of owned vehicles, OSE provides its customers with an agile and responsive distribution network relied upon by sectors including pharmaceutical, manufacturing and engineering, automotive, events and retail. Tom Davis, Client Relationship Manager at OSE, tells us more.

OSE are members of two pallet networks. What are the benefits of this membership?

We are members of Pall-ex and Fortec, two of the UK’s leading networks. Membership of these networks means we can offer our customers a reliable distribution of palletised freight throughout the UK and across the continent. The pallet networks bring economies of scale, which means our customers are getting a more cost-effective transport solution suitable for businesses of all sizes. 

Being part of a pallet network has opened up global distribution routes. Where are you able to deliver to?

Anywhere and everywhere! We deliver across the UK and Ireland, even to remote locations, such as the Channel and Orkney Islands. We cross the channel into Europe daily and, once on the continent, deliver to countries including France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Switzerland.

We also have the capability to deliver into the Middle East to countries including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Bahrain.

The collaboration and partnership that comes with being a part of the pallet networks plays a vital role in optimising efficiency and fostering connectivity. Our partnership with Pall-ex and Fortec has not only expanded our geographical reach but has also revolutionised the secure movement of palletised goods. 

OSE has recently opened a new depot in Calais. Can you tell us more? 

Absolutely! We opened our latest depot on 1st October 2023. We already have a European depot in Belgium, so it made perfect sense to open another on the other side of the channel in Calais. The new depot has allowed us to implement enhanced customs procedures and has significantly reduced transit times. There is also the added benefit of being able to provide both short and long-term storage facilities.

Your customs clearance services are one of the services that sets you apart from your competition. How are you helping customers navigate the customs maze in a post-Brexit era? 

Our specialist customs team guide our customers through the entire process from start to finish, starting with arranging T1 transit paperwork to concluding customs formalities at the end of the shipment’s transit. 

We advise on all aspects of the export and import process and have the ability to appoint customs clearing agents from our network of European partners, or we can liaise with agents appointed by our customers.

Our priority is ensuring a complete and seamless peace of mind service for all our customers.

To find out how OSE European can support your business, contact Tom Davis at 0191 224 6710 or email

For all media enquiries, please contact Vikki McIsaac on 0191 487 5180 or email

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