5 benefits of using a pallet network

5 benefits of using a pallet network

30th May 2023

Pallet networks enable OSE to offer our valued customers an economical and efficient method of transporting goods in addition to our express and dedicated solutions. This means we can always offer the right solution at the right price point for you. 

OSE are members of both the Pall-ex and Fortec networks, both of which are experts in local, national, and international freight delivery and provide a range of services to support logistics and transportation up and down the country. 

There are several benefits to using a pallet network for both businesses and customers, so let’s take a look at how OSE can improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

1/ Offering

Our pallet networks support us in offering our vast range of comprehensive services and freight solutions, including Next Day delivery, Economy and Timed delivery.

Whether you are looking to send a single pallet or require a pallet delivery quote for a larger consignment, our team will identify the best solution for your load, at the best price.

We can also provide cost-effective tailored quotes for oversized pallet delivery and provide you with sophisticated pallet tracking via our award-winning MyNexus software.

2/ Economies of scale 

The economies of scale in transportation ensure that our customers benefit by paying a lower price to transport goods.

For example, bulking several deliveries into one is a more cost-effective way of carrying out journeys, saving us money every time we make a journey and allowing us to charge lower prices to our customers.

By carrying out several deliveries at once, we are able to decrease the amount of trips we take to and from our depots, therefore reducing our carbon emissions whilst increasing our efficiency. 

3/ Consistent and quality delivery 

By working in partnership with pallet networks, we are able to offer a consistently high standard of transportation and customer service. 

Distance isn’t an obstacle for the team and we offer Same Day Delivery across the length and breadth of the UK if a more urgent delivery time is required.

Not only this, but our pallet network memberships allow us to provide delivery across Europe, benefitting our customers with destinations outside of the UK. 

Quality service is a priority in our organisation, so we offer customers access to the latest track and trace technology so they can feel assured their freight delivery is secure and on its way. 

4/ Beat the competition 

Our partnership with both Pall-ex and Fortec allows us to compete not only on a nationwide basis but internationally. 

For example, due to fast delivery times and capacity, we are able to pick up freight in the local area and have it delivered wherever needed with speed and accuracy.

Our combined services offer flexibility and ensure that your deliveries are transported in line with your business’s schedule, whether that is same day, by the next day or on a longer planned time scale. 

5/ Nationwide and international reach 

Using a pallet network operating model has the advantage of allowing relatively small pallet loads to be delivered cost-effectively and quickly, saving costs for the transporter and the customer. 

This method of operation allows us to reach a vast amount of customers across the UK and Europe and adds an extra layer of protection as all network members are vetted to ensure the security of all loads and the reliability of the service provided.

At OSE, our memberships to Pall-ex and Fortec are an important part of what we do, as they help us to provide bespoke transportation services to customers around the world.

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