Transport Case Study

Transport Case Study

This transport case study adeptly demonstrates the expertise of OSE European when it comes to logistical intelligence. Since February 2014, we have been working in partnership with Nippon Express to provide specialist logistics innovation for MC Iconic Solutions. If you find this case study to be of interest, you may also like to read our case studies focusing on the following areas: community, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, automotive, and exhibitions and projects.

The customer:

Nippon Express, the internationally renowned logistics consultants, approached OSE in 2014 to manage the day-to-day transportation for its client MC Iconic Solutions.

MC Ionic Solutions, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and part of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corp, manufacture an electrolyte solution used in lithium-ion batteries used by Nissan in the production of their electronic ‘LEAF’ car.

The challenge:

MC Ionic Solutions has an incredibly detailed, strict and secure collection and delivery procedure due to the sensitive, hazardous and potentially fatal nature of the goods produced on-site.

As such, they require a logistics provider who can read and understand situations and provide an exceptional level of service every time.

In addition, MC Ionic Solutions play an important part in the highly demanding and fast-paced automotive product supply chain as a supplier to Nissan. They demand an experienced logistics provider who recognises it is their responsibility to minimise the cost of production delays and downtime due to supply chain interruptions.

The solution:

OSE, in partnership with Nippon Express and MC Ionic Solutions, has developed a full refrigerated and ADR implementation schedule to fit the detailed collection and delivery procedure.

In addition, OSE’s operations department and drivers have all been trained in the strict procedures involved and are all already aware of the exceptional level of service required by OSE at all times.

OSE has also put a performance logistics plan in place to review, revise, and improve upon the services provided.

The result

Our fresh approach to performance logistics has been praised by Nippon Express, who has worked with a number of more dated logistics providers over the years. Despite the challenges faced, including the strict procedure and hazardous nature of goods, everyone has risen to the challenge and worked closely together to satisfy Nippon’s needs. To fulfill the contract requirements, OSE has provided Nippon with their own dedicated account manager, who has worked closely with Nippon through daily communications.

Client testimonial

“We can’t fault OSE for the way they have handled this contract. Their proficient but friendly communications have been top-notch, and we have no complaints at all regarding the transport. We spoke to a number of logistics providers regarding this contract but none showed as much passion and knowledge as OSE.”

OSE testimonial

Provided by Kirsty Dixon, Account Manager at OSE European:

“Being the dedicated Account Manager for Nippon has been a great challenge, but one that I have thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to continuing. It is my responsibility to contact Nippon on a daily basis in order to build the relationship and further understand their requirements. I pass on the details of all requirements to our operations department and ensure that jobs are arranged and logged onto the system correctly. I also make sure that Nippon are continually updated as to the progress of their shipment.”

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